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5-time World Champs Win 5th Consecutive Match…

November 13, 2014
Dunga's boys: the faces of a new era.

Dunga’s boys: the faces of a new era with a taste of the vintage as they beat Turkey 4-0.

Well well, Dunga’s 5th consecutive win, and 5th straight clean-sheet in charge of Brazil.

Not bad.

Impressive, one might say.

And with a squad that plays like a well-oiled machine, smoothly and attractively – and full of confidence. A total reversal of the anxiety-driven football we saw at the World Cup.

It seems that, indeed, Dunga did learn a few things during his 4 years of exile from football – the necessary break between his two spells in charge of the Selecao. The cranky commander went from being the symbol of pragmatism to becoming the emblematic figure of a more solid, cohesive team. And the key word here truly is team.

Brazil hadn’t played like a team in ages. They had forgotten how. It’s quite surprising that Dunga, a famous contrarian and proponent of “futebol de resultados”, is the sargent in charge of this effectively attractive revolution that is bringing back the vintage Brazilian way of playing. And I don’t mean that purely in a nostalgic way: Dunga is bringing back the vintage effectively – not just for show. He is winning matches by playing properly slick football…who would have thought?!

Let’s hope it sticks.

But, for now: not bad.

Not bad at all, Mr Dunga.



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