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Where be the posts…?

November 5, 2012

Cisse: suffering is an art form.


No one probably truly cares or even noticed (if you did, aw, you’re a charmer, thanks), but I haven’t posted anything in this space since this past summer – Brazil losing to Mexico still hurts.

The true reason for such silence, though, can be found in the “About” section of the blog.

I’m off in England doing some intense theatre work, and my level of concentration, energy and creativity for the writing aspects of my life have fallen immensely.

Having said that, I still, obviously, follow the game. In fact, this past weekend I had the immense pleasure of visiting Shepherds Bush’s Loftus Road stadium. I attended the (insert sarcasm) bombastic meeting between QPR and Reading.

Both sides have yet to register a victory this year, and both look set to sink into the depths of relegation – which is truly sad, since I’ve grown terribly fond of Queen’s Park Rangers (seriously, scarf-wearing and all).

The match ended in a 1 x 1 draw, but my spirits were mighty high. After all, I got to see keeper Julio Cesar, Djibril Cisse (who scored a beautifully gentle goal), Anton Ferdinand, Jose Bosingwa, Bobby Zamora, and many others live, in the flesh.

An occasion to savour.

Loftus Road was a nice change from the Emirates, where I saw Arsenal play last year. Sure the Emirates stadium is an amazingly impressive, high-tech and comfortable venue…but I’m a romantic (read: I like suffering), and there’s nothing more romantic than a tiny (tiny!), incredibly uncomfortable and thrown together, vintage football space. I loved it.

I’m also a big fan of crowds chanting – the English are particularly good (and creative) at this art form. Sure, most of the chants involve poor language, cheap rhymes and a complete lack of proper poetry, but they’re fun and passionate. “We are QPR. We are QPR” and “clap clap clap CLAP…RANGERS” are now part of my shower repertory.

I may write something on the idea of enjoyment in football via suffering…I’m looking at you, When Saturday Comes magazine Writer’s Award .

Stay tuned…I may produce something of some (some) worth anytime soon.



RB, suffering with delight

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