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Argentina 4 x 3 Brazil – a delightful defeat

June 11, 2012

Messi leaves Brazil biting the dust…


In an absolutely entertaining match that no one saw due to the hyped up Euro conflict between Germany and Portugal, last Saturday, Argentina claimed an impressive victory against arch-rivals Brazil.

And, as a Brazilian fan, I’m not bothered by said defeat, at all.

Brazil were playing their Olympic team, ahead of the tournament in London. Argentina featured their main squad, with the brilliantly robotically flawlessly little devilish genius Messi upfront.

Indeed, in the three chances that Brazil failed to effectively mark the Barcelona man, he was unforgiving and scored his first hat-trick against the 5-time champions.

Still, it was an incredibly positive outcome. Brazil may have been erratic in the defensive sector (what do you expect, Thiago Silva was injured and two U23 players were teaming up as central defenders), but their football was positive and entertaining. Pure fun.

7 goals scored, between two teams that, combined, hold 7 World Cup titles.

Those who attended the match in New Jersey certainly got their money’s worth.

And, dare I say, my hopes for their Olympic saga have skyrocketed. I, indeed, think they may, finally, head back home with Gold in their pockets.

If they can perform like that against weaker, youthful sides like Belarus and New Zealand, Brazil’s London journey will most certainly be a walk in the park.

Now, about that Messi…



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