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Mexico 2 x 0 Brazil = Team 2 x 0 Individualism

June 5, 2012

Leandro Damiao and his Brazil fall before a strong Mexico


There isn’t much to talk about, truly, regarding the Mexican victory against the youthful Brazilian side this last Sunday, in Dallas.

In short, it was one of those classic cases of “it isn’t fair, it’s football”.

At half-time, even though Brazil held more possession, pressured more and displayed more panache, the Mexicans were already winning by a score of 2 x 0.

One goal was sheer luck, however beautiful. Giovani dos Santos meant to cross to a team-mate, but ended up placing the ball at the back of the net, looping it over keeper Rafael in great accidental fashion.

The second Mexican goal came from the foot of Chicharito – he who, similarly to Dos Santos, is another misused and wasted talent in the English league – after Juan committed a silly, immature penalty, reminding us that this Brazil squad is, indeed, a youthful one.

And for the rest of the match we saw Brazil trying to push, but lacking the maturity, team-work and patience that only come with experience; and Mexico keeping things extremely tidy and effective.

In the end, 2 x 0 was all Mexico (current Concacaf champions, and a much more organized team than Brazil), needed in order to bag the victory against Mano’s Brazil.

Indeed, whilst Brazil displayed excessive individualism with the likes of Neymar and Hulk, Mexico played like a true, cohesive team.

I spoke with my dad, who lives in Brazil, about the game afterward, and he said something quite brilliant: “what we saw today was a great team of boys out there. Great, but they are still boys, and couldn’t handle the pressure of being behind in the score. What they lacked was leadership from the coach. The team lacked that caring hand. They were utterly lost out there.”


Here’s hoping Mano Menezes learned that lesson. The Olympics are around the corner, and in order to achieve Gold, he will have to learn how to manage not only Brazil’s talents and footballing skills, but also the temperament and inexperience of a group of feisty boys.




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