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Brazil 2 x 1 Bosnia: because life is unfair

February 28, 2012

the beauty that is Mano's Brazil


The worst things about Mano Menezes’s Brazil are their lack of identity and the desperate sense of neediness that surrounds the squad.

I say squad on purpose. After all, there’s little team mentality in the group.

Besides, squad sounds more militaristic, stiff, rustic, rough. And those are definitely qualities that apply to Mano’s uninventive side.

And I say they’re needy because they demand – with their colourful boots and preposterous haircuts – that we love them.

“We’re Brazil! We’re so cool! Look at us dance! Look at us bringing Jogo Bonito back! Love us! Samba! Samba! Samba!”

Pathetic. Sheer desperation.

But, worst of all, untrue.


Brazil now are worse than they were under Dunga.

A sad realization.

The 2012 London Olympics are upon us, and Mano shan’t survive the pressure – he will crack.

But until then, until a new era comes, let us endure the pain that is to say “I’m a Brazilian fan”…




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  1. Brandon permalink
    February 29, 2012 12:17 am

    Horrible Brazil.

    But nontheless I will remain a Brazil supporter.
    Knowing Brazil they will show us what they are made off.

    But right now it’s money that’s killing Brazil + the entire CBF staff.
    It’s a shame really…

    See Neymar and Ganso for example.

    Sure Neymar is good but that kid just won’t grow much at Santos if you ask me. If he has the oppertunity to go to a big club a choice that would fit him for example Barcelona or Madrid a team where they play beautiful I know he will be capable of being better then Messi.

    Ganso.. He really should move to Italy is my guess.
    But yes I will not be hoping for a 6th title if Menezes is in Charge he has had his time and games his last moment will be the Olympics.
    But knowing this Brazil they will most likely flunk out on penalties why ? because defenders will take them or the pitch isn’t good 😉

    So really I feel with you my friend.

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