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December 4th, 2011 – by Juca Kfouri

December 5, 2011


As previously posted here, I’m a devout fan of Juca Kfouri, a writer whose gentle style and poetic footballing knowledge often move me to tears in every blog post of his I read.

Juca is also a fanatic Corinthians fan, and friend of Doutor Socrates;

Here’s a post of his on yesterday’s Coringa victory – translated by yours truly:

“The 4th of December, 2011

A day when one of the world’s greatest fan base woke up crying in pain and went to sleep crying of joy.

A confusion of mixed feelings probably unheard of in the history of football.

At four thirty in the morning died Socrates Brasileiro, the Doctor, the Big Skinny, the Skinny One, the magician of genius back-heels, the most original player in the centennial history of Corinthians.

At seven in the evening the club’s history was enriched by its fifth Brasileiro title, and the fans that had woken up depressed now celebrated the feat in euphoria.

Someone once said that football imitates life, and vice-versa.

It’s a fact.

And if the merely competent alvinegro team had little hopes of becoming unforgettable, they will now be forever engraved in everyone’s memories as the team that were champions on the day Socrates died.

And he, who already was unforgettable, has added to his story the fact that he died on the day that his team celebrated him by being champions.

Which is, you’ll have to agree, a beautiful tale, truly beautiful.

And sad, profoundly sad.”


JK & RB.

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