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November 6, 2011


When asked about his infamous flair for seclusion, legendary musician Scott Walker used to say “if I’ve got nothing to say, or do…there’s no point in being around.”

That’s how I’ve been feeling these days, when it comes to football.

I’ve truly got nothing to say. Hence the lack of posts; hence my general lack of interest in even watching or talking about games at this point…

I still love it, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve got nothing to say.

Maybe it’s because last year’s World Cup was a joke (with a dreadful punch line); maybe it’s because this summer’s Copa America was utterly and embarrassingly crap; maybe it’s because of the lack of international tournaments at the moment; maybe it’s because one of the world’s best clubs now, Manchester City, represents everything that’s fundamentally wrong with the game (oil money, lack of true identity, blah blah – God, I’m starting to sound like a lefty whiner)…

Maybe it’s because my favourite footballer of all time is actually gone, for good, now…

I still miss you Ronaldo.

(Yes, I’m embarrassingly sentimental like that).

Or, perhaps, it’s because the world’s greatest footballer of the moment is also the game’s most boring of all personalities: Lionel Messi.

God, I mean, c’mon; the man is indeed a video game player. No charm, no charisma, no warmth, no emotion…no game, really, just…professionalism.

I’m sorry, I find that painfully boring.

…anyways, who knows why the game bores me these days…

And frankly, who cares?! This is just me, a nobody battling his meaningless existential crisis with the sport.

Thus, I’m taking a break. This blog is, as of now, on hiatus, for an undetermined length of time.

On sabbbatical.

No one needs to hear my whining, nor do I truly wish to transcribe my bleeding heart here.

Who knows, though…something may inspire me and get me out of my funky mood tomorrow, or next week, and then I’ll be back at it…

Or not.

Or not…



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  1. November 15, 2011 4:18 am

    It’s a shame I must say, I enjoyed your posts. You will be back soon I’m sure. The game always brings you back.

  2. December 4, 2011 10:33 pm

    The European Championship draw was interesting. It should make up for the last two shit tournaments. It’ll be good, even if Ireland win it by doing a GREECE.

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