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Life After Alex: the Owen Saga as a Commoner – Part 3: Tight Shorts & Bacon

July 7, 2011


Owen: hope at the end of an endless tragic ballad...

I had insane amounts of pizza and whiskey the previous night.

The bacon and booze weren’t mixing well with my insides.

It seemed like a good idea at the time…

But the next morning was nothing short of painful.

Utter, gut-wrenching pain. I lay in bed for hours, curled into a ball. My frowning bangs covering my eyes…

I had forgotten how truly painful the idea of a “fun night” for common people was.

I’m not used to this. Not at all.

Christ, I’m a Champions League winner. I’m a World Cup player, for England, the three Goddamn Lions!…

Or, at least, I was.

What I am now is unemployed. Really.

A bum. A hobo. A tramp…whatever kids these days call us folk that sleep in every day.

I needed to make a change.

I dragged my arse out of bed, and onto my office chair. Maybe a few hours of browsing online through the news and events of the day will cheer me up.

Naturally, I wanted to see what the lads were up to at the Theatre of Dreams.

What, O’Shea is thinking of leaving? What the…oh well. I guess everyone moves on.

Even if it’s to Sunderland.

It’s almost August, I thought. The boys must be working hard towards pre-season preparations…

Ah, good old days. End of summer, hopeful dreams into a new year…

To prepare, to play and to conquer. What a life.

What am I doing, eating bacon and sulking in bed everyday?! I thought with my curls.

It was time for a change.

But not before I watched a few of my old reel-highlights on YouTube.

It’s a morning tradition. I do it everyday. It cheers me up, looking at the goals I scored, my knees intact…the athlete that I…was.

Man, that was quite a Champions League match! Look at that! I looked good!

And, suddenly, it came to me…

The shiny, gorgeous and yet minimalistic logo of YouTube became a beacon of hope!

It all came to me, rapidly, hitting me like a thunderbolt, accessing the little reservoir of adrenaline left within my weary shell of a body…

A YouTube video series! Featuring me! My comeback! My conquest! My…return home!

Home is where your heart is.

It’s not England, Germany or Canada, I realize now.

It’s the football pitch.

It’s the screaming of the fans, it’s the smell of the grass, it’s the screeching sound of my boots on the ground…

I belong in a club. I belong in a squad.

I’m here to show you what I’ve got. I am made of sterner stuff than steel.

I’ll prove it to you. I will put on my shorts and quit my bacon.

I’ll work day and night to prove I can make it.

All I want to do is to play for you.

I need a team.

Will you hire me?

Hire me.



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