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A Ballad for Mano

July 6, 2011


Mano Menezes: yawning football

Oh, thou stubborn commander

You have the makings of a bureaucrat

And administrator

Not a boss, not a leader

You are so stubborn you make Scolari feel like silk

You make Dunga’s tactics taste like milk

You smile and you nod

But inside you are a rot

Don’t forget, you were not wanted

The third choice, daunted

And you are a Gaucho

From the South, you hail

Your stern German roots will make you fail

Relax a bit, why don’t you

Try something different, why won’t you

Your 4-3-3 looks a bit like pee

Only, it doesn’t flow

It gets clunky and doesn’t glow

It’s ugly, it’s messy

Wouldn’t you love to have Messi

Alas, he’s Argentine

Another type of Gaucho, similar to you, and I

And as Bernardo Fragoso once said

If you bring me your Brazilian pride

I’ll give you the honour of being a Gaucho

Forget it, we don’t want that

Stop acting like a brat

There’s no pride or honour in your Brazil

So fix it, or we will

By firing you; you know the drill



PS – Mano Menezes and I share the same Germanic-Gaucho roots. Our people are generally hardheaded and proud, qualities we witnessed in two other Gaucho bosses: Scolari and Dunga. Here’s my suggestion: CBF, next time, hire a Rio Carioca. Muricy Ramalho is your man. Go to him. Now.


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