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The Little Brazil

June 4, 2011

Neymar: sparks of brilliance...that ended in oblivion.

Full-time at Goiania’s Serra Dourada: Brazil 0 x 0 Netherlands.

And I’m scrambling to find things to talk about here.

Yet another failure to convince from Brazil. Yet another pathetic performance. Yet another game against a big team that ends without a victory.

Mano Menezes’s Brazil failed against Argentina, France and now Holland.

And victories came versus Iran, Ukraine, Scotland and the USA…yawn.

Hardly the record you’d expect from the five-time Champions of the world.

Boring, messy, scrappy. Those are the attributes of Mano’s Brazil. A team that produces sterile and cold performances, time and time again.

Tragically pathetic, really.

As you can see, I’m not even writing on the specifics of tonight’s match.

Trust me, you’d be asleep by now if I were.

The most exciting moment of the match, for me, was when I took a break to go to the washroom to answer nature’s call, and found myself reading a delightful book for a moment, while the game played loudly from the living room.

When I returned, the obtuse Elias had come on, and Ramires had been red-carded.


From Holland, Afellay produced a couple of very dangerous chances.

From Brazil, Neymar showed some silky skills and a lot of diving.

But in the end neither side was able to produce anything solid (very much unlike me in the washroom).

A 0 x 0 of the worst kind. Sloppy defending, and sloppy attacking.


Krul, the Dutch keeper, was named Man of the Match, and rightfully so. His stops in the second half, when Brazil showed a bit of enthusiasm, ensured Holland’s clean sheet.

Other “highlights” include a classic De Jongism from De Jong in the very first seconds of the game, harshly bringing Ramires down; Fred’s supernatural ability to be in the wrong place at the most crucial of times; and Robinho’s new hair-do. Cute.

Brazil, once again (again), struggled to find creativity from their midfielders.

There will continue to be zero creativity until Ganso or Kaka recover from injury. Lucas Moura and Elano are not proper ‘number 10s’. Mano’s Brazil needs that playmaker, otherwise mess ensues everywhere.

And Holland were on vacation, enjoying the end of the European season in the tropics. You can’t blame them for not truly showing up for this match; it hardly mattered for the Oranje anyways.

But this was Brazil’s first game on home ground since October 14th, 2009.

The responsibility was big. Brazil needed to win; or at least show some determination.

But we didn’t.

In the end, Brazil left the pitch to the chants of “timinho, timinho” from the crowd.

Timinho = little team; pathetic team.

The little Brazil of Mano.


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