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Life After Alex: the Owen Saga as a Commoner – Part 1: the Farewell

May 22, 2011

Owen Hargreaves = a sad ballad


I have been let go.

After years of service, during which I barely served, we part ways, as it were.

But I don’t blame them Red Devils. They did what they had to do. Alex was a kind Knight, and hugged me tight as we said g’bye.

“Farewell, ye olde friend, I wish thee better fortunes in kinder lands”, the Knight said.

“Danke”, I uttered as my head hung over his shoulder.

He smiled at me, turned around, and walked away. I could see Nani and Anderson waving at him far into the distance. They were laughing loudly, playing around with the ball. Then Anderson put Nani in an armlock, and Nani began to scream and kick his legs in the air.  Scholes, who was sitting down, resting on the grass behind the two lads, sorted it all out by breaking them apart. Then they all laughed.

And then the ginger ruffian too waved at the boss.

The old man waved back at them, as he continued to walk away from me.

“I’ll be right there”, bellowed the Knight to his boys.

And then he vanished into a corridor to his right…

The driver threw my suitcase into the trunk, and opened the door for me. I took one last look at the Theatre of Dreams; what if…I thought with myself.

And then I got in.

“Where to”, said the man with his hands on the wheel.

“The airport”, I mumbled.

“Right away Mr. O’ Shea”, he said.

“Erm, my name is…” I paused for a second. “…nevermind”, I continued, defeated.

“So, where are you going now Mr. O’ Shea?”

“Canada”, I answered.

“Ah yes, I hear there are many Irish people in the East Coast there. You’ll be right at home!”, he announced with a smile.

My eyes were half-closed and my head was resting against the window, but the driver didn’t care, and continued to talk.

“Did you hear that sir?! Right at home!” he smiled into the rear-view mirror, as I nodded.

Home…I thought.

For years I have been searching for home. Decades.

Will the search end where it started?

Could it…?



For the Prologue to my Owen saga, please click here.

For the Second part to my Owen saga, please click here.


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