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Death at the Theatre of Dreams

May 6, 2011

Off in the distance, I see it approach

It moves quickly, gliding over the green horizon

It charges on, breaking past obstacles that dismantle to the ground in embarrassment

The figure becomes less blurry as it advances

The moves and shapes become clearer

The specter gains colours

It is red on the head, and red on the chest

It flies towards me

It seems to have made me its target

It has something hanging from its feet

Something that is launched, rocketed off with a battle cry

The round-shaped object is coming straight at me

I cannot move

I cannot scream

It’s time I accept my fate

Death is about to bullet me down

I close my eyes

The impact is near

And then I jump!

I’m awake

It was only a dream

I was the goalkeeper

And Rooney was the beast


Next encounter = Manchester United  X Chelsea. Sunday, May 8th, 2011.


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