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A Poem, for Garrincha

May 5, 2011
Garrincha: dribbling the dribble

I’ve been feeling nostalgic these days.

Yearning for a time in football’s history that I never even experienced. Days I never lived, but that somehow I miss.

Maybe I’ve been reading too much on the Brazil of 1982. The team that would have changed the course of history, had they won the World Cup; according to Zico – and many others.

Is the art of dribbling gone?

Is it merely sleeping?

Will it ever return?

While we wait, let’s marvel at the words of Brazilian football poet Armando Nogueira, in a little piece on the master of the dribbling art, Garrincha.

The poem was translated by yours truly…

The Flower & the Ball

“One day, a poet opened the petals of a budding rose.

Within the intimacy of the flower he found, stunned, a whole Summer.

I too wanted to see intimately the soul of another fancy, the ball.

I plucked its buds, one by one, and I found a dribble by Garrincha”


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