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Brazil 2 x 0 Scotland…pass the coffee

March 27, 2011

Neymar: 2 goals and 1 bad haircut

It was hardly something to be truly excited about.

The opponent was competently incompetent. It was Brazil’s duty to dominate the match at London’s Emirates Stadium. And Brazil did.

The Selecao, though, continued to display issues with creativity and finishing, and Jadson in the number 10 (once worn by Zico, Pele, Rivaldo and Kaka) made me wish I wasn’t a human being with an acceptable level of brain activity.

But then Mano Menezes saw the light, and brought in Sao Paulo FC’s wonderkid Lucas Moura in his place.

Too late, though. Lucas created a couple of chances, but the mediocre forwards Brazil had available (Nilmar and Pato were dismissed due to injuries) weren’t able to convert anything.

Julio Cesar, Brazil’s keeper, didn’t have to play today. I was expecting him to start up a Brazilian churrasco by the end line, so that he’d be somewhat useful to the rest of the team.

But he didn’t.

Nonetheless, there was something special about this match, indeed. His name was Neymar. The wonderful forward scored both goals for Brazil, and he displayed the same confidence and cheekiness so familiar to Santos FC fans back home.

If he keeps this up, he’ll be a joy to watch in 2014.

Brazil’s creativity and passing quality improved as the game went along, but then I reminded myself that it was Scotland we were playing against, and even the charismatic Charlie Adam couldn’t save them.

And that’s that.

June 4th: Brazil v Netherlands in Goiania, Brazil. Something to be truly excited about.

Until then, I’ll try to forget I woke up at 7am on a Sunday to watch this match.


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