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19 years, and counting…

February 10, 2011

Fernandez, Zidane, Benzema...the list of Brazilian killers keeps growing...

It wasn’t this time…

Brazil are still unable to beat the French.

The last time the Selecao were victorious against Les Bleus was in 1992, in a friendly match like today’s.

At the tournament level: 1958, at the World Cup in Sweden.

The plot has become predictable. The francophobia remains. The anxiety builds up.

When will the story change? Will there ever be a twist in the narrative? A pleasant surprise for Brazilian fans…?!

Not anytime soon.  At least not until Mano Menezes realizes that his system is actually much less efficient than Dunga’s.

Yes, I said it.

No, I do not wish Dunga was still in charge of the Selecao. And I still like Mano, and I respect his desire to bring back the flow and grace of Jogo Bonito

But he too shall fail. His lack of experience and vision will be his downfall. His insistence on trying to create plays through the middle only, between the playmakers and the strikers, isn’t working – at all.

The Brazil of Mano requires immense creativity in order to work. It requires a fully fit Kaka (which he isn’t these days), or a fully fit Ganso (which we saw in Mano’s first game in charge of Brazil, in a gorgeous win against the USA).

Neither of those players were present at today’s pathetic display of immature football in Paris. And if at least one of them is needed in order for the system to work, and neither is available at the moment, then change the system, for God’s sake!!

Dunga was all about width, using his wingbacks (Maicon and Bastos) extensively and exhaustively. Mano insists on playing through the middle, with quick passes between his attacking midfielders (which didn’t work at all today, mind you). However, Mano still has the traditional wingbacks set up in this twisted system of his; what the hell for?!? Dani Alves and Andre Santos barely crossed the ball into Lloris’s area today, and yet they kept running up and down those flanks…and holding onto the ball…for nothing.

Good God man, then lose them, or play them as wingers, and stick three central defenders back there!

Luiz, Silva and Lucio would form a perfect defensive trio!

Only Lucio isn’t there…you see, Mano thinks that the world’s best CB isn’t good enough for his Selecao. He’s “too old”.


And what about Robinho as our Captain? A whiny, pathetic little man who refuses to help out defensively. Robinho pretty much invited Benzema into Cesar’s area and begged him to score.

Benzema, mind you, was full heart. The man worked harder than anyone else. He displayed a will and determination to score unmatched by anyone in the Brazilian side. The Real Madrid striker truly deserved to score.

Especially after being “de Jongged” by Hernanes! Incredible!

The best Brazilian midfielder at the moment “pulled a de Jong”; only not as violently, but just as recklessly. Shameful.

After Hernanes was sent off, the narrative of the match changed drastically. Brazil lost the possession of the ball (not that we were doing anything with it anyways), and the French started to impose their rhythm and control. The stoic Mexes took care of things at the back without a problem in the few, and limited, chances Brazil were able to create…

Indeed, this was only a friendly match, but it mattered – a lot.

Regarding the French, I can now say with full confidence that their shameful World Cup campaign in South Africa lies in the past. Gone. This is an exciting new team, led by a very competent manager. We expect big things from Blanc in the future.

For the Brazilians, it was a wake up call. Now we know, with certainty, that the road towards the 2014 World Cup on home soil will be tough. Mano has been unable to shake off that cold pragmatism from the Dunga era, and his dramatic changes in the squad are still nothing but a promise…an idea. The pressure will keep on growing, and depending on how the team performs at this summer’s Copa America, Mano may not even be present in 2014…

A Scolari redux perchance?

And finally, WHO THE HELL IS JADSON???


Final result = FRANCE 1 X 0 BRAZIL

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  1. Florent permalink
    February 10, 2011 2:06 pm

    I know you hate the acronym, but….. LOL at “WHO THE HELL IS JADSON”.

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