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“Owen” – a Monologue

October 1, 2010

I attended a 2-hour workshop on writing for the stage today at the University of Winnipeg, and at some point we were asked to do some free-flowing writing for about 15 minutes. It had to be a monologue, in the voice of a character, regarding something that we felt passionate about.

Obviously, I wrote about soccer.

And this is what came out, without any planning whatsoever…so don’t ask me why…

Owen: "time to go yet?"


(a man is sitting down in a locker-room, in pain, holding his right knee. He addresses the audience)

I guess you can call me…a man without a country…a man without a home.

I was actually born in Calgary, Canada, but when I turned 16 I moved to Germany to play soccer professionally. And later on to England, in my early 20s.

All that moving around resulted in this – no, not the knee; my ridiculous accent.

After a few years struggling and shining in Germany, I was picked up by the uber popular team Manchester United, of Manchester, England, naturally. I was very happy there, and in Germany, during those first years.

I actually won many titles, including the prestigious European Champions League, in 2001. Yep, I was a big shot. So big I was offered English citizenship so that I could play for England at the 2002 World Cup in Japan/ South Korea.

Newspapers actually called me “the most successful Canadian soccer player in history”…I’m not sure the words “successful Canadian soccer player” had ever been written before…

So, what happend, eh?!

Well, two things: I got injured, because I am old.

Old in soccer terms is 33, 34. Granted, I’m still 29, but my body is of a 35-year old. I’m very old.

Oh, and yes, I’m still at Manchester United…in Manchester…England…naturally.

Only, I’m not so big anymore. Hell, I don’t even know what I am at this point. I don’t make the starting team anymore; I barely make the bench. Kids don’t know who I am anymore…Calgary probably thinks I’m dead.

My name is Owen Hargreaves.

But, I guess…I guess you can call me a man without a country…

A man without a home.



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